Annuals are plants that complete their life cycle from seed to flower and back to seed within a single growing season. The roots, stems, and leaves of annuals all die annually. Only the dormant seed remains to bridge the gap between one generation of the plant and the next. Annuals are a beautiful way to add color to your landscaping as their ultimate goal is to reproduce, meaning they will flower abundantly until the end of the season. You will usually have to replant your annuals every year, but some will actually self-sow their seeds and return the following Spring, although it will be an entirely new plant, not the same one!

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Why Choose Annuals for Your Garden?

There are many different reasons why annuals are so popular among gardeners and professional landscapers alike! Let's take a look at some of the most common reasons for choosing annuals.

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  • Annuals allow you to approach your garden one year at a time, allowing you to experiment with new plants and different color schemes every year instead of committing to just one style!
  • Annuals are the perfect solution if you want to fill a bare spot in an established garden temporarily. They can also be used to refresh pots and containers throughout the season.
  • If you have a vegetable garden, the inclusion of a few annuals will add a splash of color and attract plenty of pollinators to help increase your crop production.
  • Annuals put most of their energy into developing flowers, so if you want plenty of blooms in your garden, then they might be the answer!
  • Annuals mature much faster than perennials, so they are an excellent choice for gardeners seeking some instant gratification!

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