Best Perennials for a Beautiful Garden All Year Round

If you are designing a garden that you want to be able to enjoy all year round, then perennials are a great way to make sure you have plenty of color even in the Fall and Winter months.

Let's take a look at some of the best perennials for a beautiful garden all year round.

Northshore Nursery

1 - Lavender

Lavender is always a popular choice with gardeners for a perennial that offers plenty of year-round interest. The scented foliage and flowers are not only pleasing to us humans, they are also a hit with bees! Lavender is great in a border or edging and can even be grown in pots.

2 - Coneflower

Another big hit with pollinators is the coneflower. These perennials are perfect for a splash of color thanks to their Summer and Fall flowers in a variety of shades from purples, oranges, and reds to white and green. In the Winter, the seedpods will provide some interest among your plants -and provide food for any resident birds.

3 - Candytuft

In the Spring and Summer months, Candytuft blooms with clusters of fluffy white flowers that resemble late snow! In the latter half of the year after the blooms are over, the evergreen foliage will maintain interest over the Winter.

These are just some of the stunning perennials that you might choose to keep your garden looking great all year. If you need advice or recommendations stop by Northshore Nursery and we will be happy to offer our suggestions.


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