Crescent Garden™ Containers

If you are thinking of trying your hand at container gardening then of course you will be needing a selection of planters, containers, and pots to accommodate your plants. Stop by the barn at Northshore Nursery and take a look at our wide selection of Crescent Garden Containers.

As one of the top suppliers of planters and other containers, Crescent Garden is committed to creating beautiful and inspiring designs that work for your garden and fit your style. The containers look heavy but are made from ultralightweight materials for easy movement. They are also completely weatherproof and have a 10-year manufacturer warranty against cracks and fading. Here at Northshore Nursery, we are huge fans of this brand and the values they stand for, our staff is always available to make some recommendations and show you the styles we have available, just ask a member of staff for advice!

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Northshore Nursery

What is Container Gardening?

Container gardening is exactly what the name suggests - gardening in containers instead of directly in the ground! It is particularly popular among those with limited outdoor space, such as apartment owners. It is fairly common for those living in an apartment building with balconies or terraces to use container gardening to grow herbs, fruits, vegetables, and even small shrubs or trees! However, in recent years container garden has become a popular addition to regular gardens too. Adding a few planters and other pots is a great way to color and texture, you can even use planters to create a focal point in your garden design!