Easy to Grow Plants for Beginners

Are you someone who has only just started to take an interest in gardening? Maybe you have moved into a property that has a garden for the first time! Planning how you are going to transform your outdoor space is exciting, but it is also a little overwhelming when you see how many different plants are out there!

Don't panic! Let's start at the beginning with a few easy-to-grow plants that are perfect for beginners!

Northshore Nursery


Northshore Nursery

One plant that we always recommend to garden beginners is the pansy. These colorful flowers are incredibly hardy and will survive even in Winter temperatures. Choose from a wide range of colors and add some cheer to your garden or hanging baskets.

FUN FACT! Did you know that there are over 300 different varieties of pansies? Some varieties have even been bred specifically to survive very hot or very cold conditions!


Another great choice for first-time gardeners would be sunflowers! These cheery yellow flowers need very little in terms of fertilizer and can thrive in almost any type of soil. Sunflowers are also great at surviving drought. They do need direct sunlight so plant them out in the open. As an added bonus - their seeds make a delicious and healthy snack!

Northshore Nursery


Northshore Nursery

Add some fragrance to your garden with some lavender. It is extremely easy to grow and because it is a perennial, once planted you can enjoy it for many years to come without too much effort.

FUN FACT! Did you know Lavender is popular in aromatherapy thanks to the calming effects of its scent!


These vibrant perennials are very easy to maintain for new plant enthusiasts. Coneflowers come in many different colors and are sure to attract Butterflies and Bees to your garden.

These are just a handful of the way to grow plants that we would recommend for beginner gardeners. Why not drop by Northshore Nursery for a visit to our destination garden center in Farragut, TN, and see what else we have on offer. Our team of expert staff is always happy to offer advice or recommendations.

Northshore Nursery


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