Hammocks & Swings

If your garden is going to be your little Oasis of relaxation then you need to start thinking about where you will sit while enjoying your gardens. If you are aiming for relaxation then we would highly recommend stopping by to look at some of the Magnolia Casual hammocks and swings that we have in stock.

We love the fact that Magnolia Casual products are made using traditional methods by Artisans in Central America who are keeping their culture and traditions alive and sharing it with you every time you purchase one of their lovingly crafted items. Magnolia Casual works with these skilled artisans to generate jobs & sustainability in rural areas while also practicing fair trade methods and providing economic support to communities.

What is a Hammock?

The word hammock is derived from the Spanish word 'Hamaca'. A hammock is usually made from rope, fabric, or netting and is stretched between two points. Hammocks were first used for sleeping in Central America, the Caribbean, and South America before the idea was picked up by sailors. From the 1920s parents started to use a version of a hammock for babies who are learning to crawl.

Northshore Nursery
Northshore Nursery

What is a Garden Swing?

When you hear the word swing, your mind may automatically turn to a children's playground! However, garden swings are much more sophisticated. Swings are chair or bench-like seats suspended by ropes, chains, or cables that allow them to swing back and forth. Garden swings are available in a wide range of styles and sizes.