Perennials are plants that continue to grow for many seasons. In the majority of cases, the top part of the plant dies back in Winter and regrow the following Spring from the same root system. Perennials are a popular option for borders and groundcover since many of them keep their leaves all year round and then bloom through Spring and Summer. Many perennials will only bloom for a single season each year, but some varieties are long-blooming or reblooming.

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Perennials are usually cold-hardy, and in favorable conditions, they can live for a relatively long time. There are so many different varieties available, with some requiring more maintenance than others, so it is important to ask your local garden center in Farragut, TN, for advice on the best types to meet your needs. Some require pruning and dividing to maintain their vigor, while others seem to thrive on neglect!

Why Choose Perennials for Your Garden?

Let's take a look at some of the common reasons why you might choose perennials for your garden.

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  • Perennials can be more expensive than annuals, but they are often better value for money because they return year after year.
  • Some perennials have a shorter lifespan than others, but these can be propagated by division or reseeding to help upkeep their population over the long term.
  • Once established, perennials require less water than most annuals. This is a significant advantage if you have a drought-prone garden or if you want to try to reduce your water consumption.
  • If you choose perennials that are native to your region, one of the additional benefits is that you are helping to create a welcoming habitat for pollinators and other local wildlife.

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