Planning for Long-Term Landscape Management

When brand new landscaping is first installed, it looks wonderful and your client is probably going to be overjoyed! However, as we know, that landscaping is going to change as a result of factors such as seasons, age, changing environment, and level of maintenance. It is important to discuss with your client the long-term management of their landscaping when you are deciding on how to create what they need.

Here are some of our tops tips for planning long-terms landscape maintenance.

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Develop a Longterm Maintenance Plan

It is important to discuss long-term maintenance requirements with your client. Are they happy to pay for regular visits to carry out maintenance such as tree trimming and pruning of shrubs? Or are they looking for landscaping that can be easily maintained by themselves? This expectation is going to impact the choices you make in terms of planting so it is an important conversation to have early on in the process.

Consider Landscape Maturity

Plants installed in the initial phase of your landscaping project are going to look very different from how they look on reaching maturity. It is important to consider these changes in order to leave enough room for plants and trees to mature without getting overcrowded. This could potentially mean leaving spaces for now, so your client needs to be made aware of the reasons for this and why it is necessary.

Choose Plants & Trees For Long-Term Enjoyment

If you are looking for ways to make sure your landscaping projects remain low maintenance in the years to come, you need to choose low-maintenance plants that can thrive with minimal attention. It is wise to choose hardy plants, perennials, and evergreens for longevity.


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