Simple Tree Care & Maintenance Tips

There are a number of benefits associated with planting trees in your garden, but many people do get put off because they have very little idea of how to care for trees! With that in mind, we've put together a few simple tips for the care and maintenance of your trees!

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Choosing the Right Trees

To get the most from your trees, the best place to start is to choose the right type of tree. Choose a species that is going to thrive in your particular environment. Also, think about the soil and the positioning of the tree. Will it get enough sunlight? Does it have enough space to grow? You should also consider why you want a tree. If you are looking for shade or screening then be sure to opt for a species that will provide that.

When to Water Your Trees

In general terms, there are only 2 times in the lifespan of your trees when you need to water them. The first is when your trees are young and the second is when they are in times of drought! The first 2 seasons after a tree is planted are critical to the health of the tree. If the weather is particularly dry, approximately 5 watering cans per week is enough to make sure water reaches the roots. Once the tree is established you shouldn't have to water it unless there is a long period of drought and the tree is beginning to suffer.

Proper Mulching for Your Trees

If you have planted young trees, then proper mulching will be the tree's new best friend! Mulch helps to insulate the soil, creating a barrier against extreme heat or cold! Mulch will also help to keep the weeds away and helps the roots stay moist by retaining water. Natural mulch like wood chips or bark pieces are kinder to the planet.

Professional Pruning

Pruning is necessary to remove dead tree branches and will help to improve the quality of flowers, fruits, and the overall health of the wood. It can also help to regulate the size of your trees and reduce the chance of disease. However, it can be a delicate process so it is advised that you hire a professional to assist with pruning if you are not comfortable doing it by yourself.

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