These Plants Will Fill Your Garden With Fragrant Scents

When planning a garden, we often take into consideration a wide variety of factors. We chose plants that will grow well in our climate and soil type. We think about the best layout to showcase our chosen plants and flowers to their best. We even choose specific colored blooms to get the perfect look, but have you also considered how your garden is going to smell?

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Let's take a look at some of the plants that will fill your garden with fragrant scents.


Gardenia is one shrub that is going to give a lot of payoff when it comes to scent. The fragrant flowers will bloom late spring to early summer and then again in late summer to early fall. Gardenia does well in moist, well-draining soil and is known to thrive in zone 7 which covers Tennessee.


Another shrub that will provide a pleasant aroma in the garden is Viburnums. These are hardy shrubs with a pretty pink-tinged white flower with a unique, spicy scent. Viburnum is also deer resistant and requires very little in the way of maintenance.

Butterfly Bush

Butterfly Bush, or summer lilac as it is sometimes known, is available in a variety of shades including pink, purple, and white. It blooms all season and is going to attract plenty of pollinators to your garden which is always a good thing!


Clematis is a popular choice in many gardens and there are also several scented varieties to choose from. One example is the Sweet Summer Love variety which has long blooming cranberry violet blooms and a beautiful fragrance.

Mock Orange

The delicate white flowers of the Mock Orange are so pretty to look at and the delicious sweet orange fragrance is a sign the summer is beginning! It is also a drought tolerant shrub and deer resistant. The dark green foliage is stunning all year round even after the blossoms are finished.

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