Tips For Helping Your Clients Create Outdoor Living Spaces

A growing number of homeowners are looking to increase their living space by creating outdoor areas that function more like an additional room of their home than a traditional garden. Some popular options include patios and decks, outdoor kitchens, pergolas, and lounge areas. Let's take a look at how Northshore Nursery can help you to create stylish outdoor living spaces for your clients.

Northshore Nursery

Water Features

A water feature or fountain is a beautiful way to invoke a sense of calm when creating an outdoor chill zone for your clients. There is something incredibly relaxing about the sound of trickling water. We have several styles of water features available at Northshore Nursery. Why not stop by the barn for a closer look?

Swings & Hammocks

Choosing the right seating is crucial in creating your outdoor spaces. We stock a range of hammocks and swings from Magnolia Casual. Not only are these beautiful handcrafted pieces, but Magnolia Casual works with skilled artisans in Central America to generate jobs & sustainability in rural areas while also practicing fair trade methods and providing economic support to communities.

Garden Accessories

Creating an outdoor living space is more than just plants, paving, and decking! It's those little extra features that pull it all together! That's why we stock a wide range of garden accessories including decor items, furnishings, tools, lighting, glazed pottery, and Crescent Garden containers for those finishing touches.

We are happy to deliver wholesale orders within the Knoxville, TN area. Please give us a call at 865-830-6531 to learn more about wholesale ordering.


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