Top Soil, Mulch & Compost

Whether you are landscaping a customer's yard or setting up a new garden at your own home using the right organic materials is essential if you are going to get the most out of your plants. At Northshore Nursery we have a selection of different types of topsoil, mulch, and compost available to suit your needs. Wholesale purchases are available for landscaping and we can deliver to your location at your convenience.

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Topsoil is, as the name suggests, the topmost layer of soil and is usually a few inches deep. It has a high concentration of organic matter and is where the majority of biological soil activity happens. Most plants will concentrate their roots in the topsoil to obtain most of their nutrients.

Years of land clearance, over-farming, and unsustainable agricultural practices have resulted in the depletion of soil in many parts of the country. This means that when preparing the ground for planting you will likely need to purchase prepared topsoil that is high in nutrients to help feed your plants as they grow.


While both topsoil and compost are both a product of decomposed organic matter and high in nutrients, they are not the same thing. Compost is commonly used as potting soil, a top-layer fertilizer or to add extra organic matter to your soil.

We provide an organic mushroom compost that is full of rich nutrients for your plants.

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Northshore Nursery


So, you already have that base layer of topsoil and compost to enrich the soil further, now all that is left is something to cover it and keep it cool and moist while also discouraging weeds. That is where mulch comes into the equation. Mulch can help to keep your soil intact and will ultimately help in prolonging the life of your plants. Covering topsoil with a layer of mulch can help to protect it from soil erosion from rain and overheating from the sun. It will eventually break down over time and become topsoil, but it is not something that can be used instead of topsoil!

  • Hardwood Natural
  • Brown Dyed
  • Black Dyed

If you are in need of topsoil, mulch, and compost then don't hesitate to stop by Northshore Nursery and take a look at our selection. We are happy to offer advice on the best options to suit your individual needs depending on your landscaping or gardening plans.