Water Features

There is something special about the sound of trickling water that just helps to invoke a sense of calm and relaxation! That's why many homeowners decide to add a water feature or fountain to their garden. At Northshore Nursery we have a range of water features in stock and we will be happy to advise you on choosing the right one to suit your space.

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The Benefits of Garden Water Features

Aside from having a calming influence on you, water features actually do have a number of benefits associated with them.


Water Features
Attract Wildlife

One of the many benefits of having a water feature installed in your garden is that it will attract wildlife. All animals need water to survive, so your water feature will be an attractive spot for birds, frogs, squirrels, and other creatures to stop by and refresh themselves.


Water Features Are
Low Maintenance

Did you know? Most water features recycle their own water. Pumps suck in, filter, and redistribute the water as part of an ongoing cycle. Since water quality is not the main concern the way it would be in a swimming pool, maintaining your water feature is very simple. It only needs the occasional checking of the pipes, pumps, and drains.


Water Features Help
Cool the Garden

When the temperatures soar, having running water in your garden can help to cool the space down. You may incorporate aquatic or semi-aquatic plants into your water feature which can help add moisture to the air.