Why Trees Are Your Garden’s Best Friend!

One thing we have noticed is that when our customers come to Northshore Nursery and start planning their garden landscaping, they think about plants and flowers immediately, but often they don’t even consider adding trees to their gardens! Maybe they just don’t realize just how beneficial trees can be to us, humans! Let’s take a look at why you need to include a tree or two in your garden plans!

Northshore Nursery

Climate Control

Did you know that trees actually play an important role in climate control? Our atmosphere is full of an excess of carbon dioxide and in high quantities, this can be harmful to humans and wildlife. However, our tree friends use the photosynthesis process to absorb it, remove the carbon and release oxygen back into the atmosphere. 

Helping to Avoid Soil Erosion

Another great reason to plant some trees is that they can help to prevent soil erosion. The roots extend fairly deep into the ground to anchor the trunk into the ground. This has the knock-on effect of compacting the soil. If you look at some areas of the country where we have seen massive forest fires in recent years, you will find that the forestry department planted new trees as soon as possible in the most devastated areas in order to combat soil erosion and avoid mudslides.

Keep Your Garden Cool

Here is a fun fact! If you were to take a thermal image of a town from the air, areas, where there are roads and sidewalks, would show several degrees hotter than areas with trees and vegetation! Planting trees is an excellent way to provide shade in your garden as the left branches will help shield the ground from the sun. Japanese Maples are a particularly good choice for creating shade.

Providing Shelter & Privacy

One of the most common reasons why people decide to plant trees on their property is to create either shelter or privacy. If the location of your property leaves it exposed to the elements, planting a row of trees is a great way to create a natural windbreaker. Similarly, if you want a little privacy from your neighbors, some left trees can screen you from prying eyes! Evergreens are a good option for both screening purposes as they will offer protection all year round.


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